Drowned in routine and Excel is a nogoer?

Get a custom productivity app for your business!

What Is a Business Productivity App?

  • Automates a process running in your business
  • Makes the process simple and transparent
  • Data is organized, files are securely stored
  • Dashboard and reports to oversee key metrics
  • Integrated with Excel and corporate email
  • Works on desktops and iOS/Android devices

Case Studies

Field merchandising reports for Apple

Developed for Russian branch of Apple. Throughout the country field merchandisers regularly check branded Apple zones in retail stores and take pictures. All reports and pictures are combined into actionable dashboard for the headquarters.

Mobile B2B sales tool & questionnaire

Developed for a company providing HR services to huge clients. The sales team sends out a questionnaire to a potential client's representatives. The responses are analysed to uncover the pain points, so they can make a sweet sales offer.

12 Productivity Apps For Businesses Over Eight Years

Showheroes startup (#1 employee): Video advertising network, gazillion impressions daily. Showheroes, 2016-17
Automated video production, workflow for editors, in-video language translation, video rendering farm. Showheroes, 2016
Book keeping for an international company, invoice scanning, integrated with banks and tax advisers. Showheroes, 2017
Goodwords startup, sold to Lumesse. Email automation to get references about job applicants from their peers. GoodWords, 2015
GoodWords' pivot. Job seekers make NPS scoring of companies they apply. GoodWords, 2016
Suppliers relationship management module, a paid "pro feature" of a B2B marketplace platform. B2B-Center.ru, 2014
Product for Apple. Merchandising reporting, mobile interface for workers in fields. CodeComrade for Seven, 2014
Staff.im startup (co-founder). Job applicants tracking system, HR communication solution. Staffim.ru, 2013
Product for Samsung. Reporting, salary and bonuses calculations for out-staff personnel throughout Russia. ANCOR, 2012
Employees database and calendar for mass recruitment campaigns at the biggest HR agency in Moscow. ANCOR, 2011
Job website builder. Job postings and job seekers applications synced to Windows desktop app. ANCOR, 2011
Automated call routing and knowledge base for customer support department of a big e-commerce website. Softkey.ru, 2009

Let's Work Together

Max Pshenichnikov

Capable of implementing an app entirely – from idea to public launch. Worked in and out of corporations. Backed three tech startups. Always a friend to the client and also a bridge between business and tech worlds, speaking both languages fluently. 12+ launches over eight years.

Seasoned Full-Stack PHP/Laravel developer, modern Front End and JavaScript, mobile optimised UX, Material interface design.
More than engineering: Project management, Client service, Cost control, User research, High-fidelity prototyping.

Email: max@codecomrade.net

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/pshenichnikovm

Facebook: facebook.com/pshenichnikovm

I work remotely. Occasional travel is negotiable.

Currently located in Moscow UTC+3 timezone, 7 hours ahead of New York, 10 hours ahead of California. Therefore you can email me on late evening and have your issues resolved by the upcoming morning. Awesome, huh!?